Meet Sherley Grace and Feel Empowered!

Sherley empowers women entrepreneurs to bust through overwhelm and grow a thriving business by leveraging their time, team and talents, so they can enjoy massive results in their business without sacrificing their life.

Sherley is an expert in helping business owners identify and overcome their barriers to greater business success and fulfillment.

She is the founder of and  Sherley is the creator of the IMPACT Business Freedom ModelTM and the Empowered Entrepreneur’s PathTM.

She has been mentoring, training, coaching and consulting in leadership, team and business development for over 25 years.

Empowerment and Leverage to Banish Overwhelm and Struggle!

I had not planned on becoming an entrepreneur.  In fact, I was a corporate employee through and through!  My sights were on top leadership positions.  There was simply no doubt about it! 

Anyone who knew me, knew that my corporate JOB was my LIFE!  And I thought that’s what I truly wanted.

Then, things changed.

With my mother’s illness, my difficulty in starting my own family and never-ending corporate demands, I felt overwhelmed and torn — stretched in a multitude of directions.  And, I knew there just had to be better way.

With my mom’s death and the birth of my son, I vowed to never feel so powerless again. 

I left my job  and started my own business — a business that enables me to live and work on MY terms, while empowering other women entrepreneurs to do the same!”

Business Growth and Freedom are NOT Incompatible!

Working with entrepreneurs, I quickly discovered many similarities between having a job and entrepreneurship:  many female entrepreneurs also work too hard, feel overwhelmed and exhausted…and in many cases, make very little money and take very little if any time off!

I saw that many women entrepreneurs actually create a JOB for themselves within their business!

I know from experience that it just doesn’t have to be this way!

This is why all of my coaching programs, workshops, teleseminars, webinars, home-study courses and live events provide women entrepreneurs step-by-step training and mentoring focused on empowering them to be true business leaders and design leverage into their businesses, so they can experience the freedom and create the success and impact they desire.

On the Personal Side…

I am thrilled to work virtually with clients from all over the world from my home in Montreal, Canada. 

I live here with my amazing husband, son and daughter.

As an avid  life-long learner, I continue to invest in myself by having a personal mentor/coach, participating in high-level certification and mastermind programs and partaking in key trainings and live events.