Where can you add leverage to your business and free up your time?

leverage and save time

Many women entrepreneurs I talk to are feeling overwhelmed and overworked.

They often feel like their business has taken over their life. They are drowning in “to do’s”, and they just can’t take on one more thing, let alone take time out to re-energize or strategize about growing their business.

The reason this is a problem is because they initially went into business to experience freedom – financial and personal and now they find themselves swamped, held hostage by a business that simply cannot run without them. So, they end up working too many hours and getting burned out.

Another reason this is a problem is that by not taking the time to focus on their vision for the future of their business, they aren’t focusing on how they can continue to help their clients, beyond the initial program, product or service. So, they are not only leaving money on the table, but also making it impossible to accompany their clients to the next level.

This may ring true for you if you are offering only one product or one program or level of service to your clients. What’s next for them? If there is nothing, they will definitely leave and find another resource to cater to their needs.

This leaves you having to constantly look for new clients to serve and create consistent income.

The good news is that when a women business owner has a strategy for creating leverage in her business, she can immediately begin to retain her clients and free up her time to focus on business strategy, revenue generation and serving her clients more fully.

Here are 3 key areas where you can add leverage in your business starting immediately!

Leverage Lever #1 – Infrastructure

Create systems for your business so that you are never held hostage by your business again. Documenting processes in your business not only helps you easily delegate some of the work (another leverage secret!) but also ensure that things are done efficiently and consistently.

Leverage Lever #2 – Mindset

What you think and what you believe greatly impact what you achieve! Do you have a CEO mindset or are you running your business like a hobby?

For example, during your business hours are you focused and disciplined with your time, or do you find yourself constantly surfing the web or spending time on Facebook, when there is real work to be done that truly supports your goals?

One tip that I share with my private clients is to schedule blocks of time in their calendar for specific activities like writing your newsletter article or your blog post or reaching out to a contact for a speaking engagement.

Leverage Lever #3 – Programs and Services

Are you working and billing your clients using the dollar per hour’s model? What I mean by that is are you selling your services by the hour?

If so, you are seriously limiting your income potential, because there is only so much of you to go around. To magnify your income and prevent burnout, you’ll definitely want to look at offering longer-term programs and packages.

The quicker you identify and implement leverage strategies into your business, the quicker you’ll find relief and feel empowered as you see results in your life and in your business!

What are you doing to leverage your time, team and talents in your business?  Be sure to post a comment below and let me know!

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